Mom Moments

mom moments

A Few Mom (or Dad) Moments:

1. Sitting in the chair at the dentist feels like a mini vacation.

2.  Making sure everyone has everything they need before you pour the milk on your cereal- otherwise soggy Cheerios.

3. When your 4 year old requests you strap a pool noodle into your other car seat and you do it.

4.  Feeling like a symphony conductor as you prepare breakfast four weeks into the school year. Plate out here, cue the butter and jam. Stir the oatmeal on the stove for the other child.

5.  When your husband has taken two showers in one day before you’ve taken one.

6.  Keeping area on top of fridge open so you can put things there that your kids fight over.

7.  Becoming a sleuth when trying to determine if you should keep a child home sick from a play date or school. Clues…how sick are they? Is the thermometer reading correlating to the estimated temperature you get when you put your hand on forehead?

8. Your child thinks you’re a way better seamstress than you really are after you sew a teddy bear nose back on that the dog chewed off.

9. Not asking your child to take the recycling bin to the curb because they might see some of their school worksheets in there and try to save them.

10. Your heart melts when your child brings you paper after paper with “MOM” written in their beautiful handwriting.

Do any of these sound familiar? Please share your own “mom moment”…


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