My All-Time Favorite Pin

all-time favorite pin
Here it is- my all-time favorite pin.

I first saw this pin a few years ago. We did this to our garage doors at our previous home and we’ve added the hardware to our current garage doors. The carriage look adds nice modern character to the doors.

I’ll share my experiences with finding the hardware. They mention in the blog post that they found the hardware at Home Depot. For me, the easiest way to locate it was on ebay by searching “carriage garage doors”. I think it ended up costing us about $25 for our three-car garage, which was well worth it. A lot of bang for the buck!

Thank you to for originally sharing this! They have a great tutorial on how to add the hardware to the doors if you click on the picture above.

The pin is on my Home board on Pinterest.

Amazon is also carrying the hardware…

(Affiliate link)

What do you think? And, can you pinpoint your all-time favorite pin?

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