Summer Resources For Preschoolers

I’m highlighting a few resources for preschoolers to use over the summer. These would be great for homeschooling families, parents, or teachers to use with their own kids.

Fun Summer Resources For Preschoolers


My Book Boost is a leveled list of library books for beginning readers. This sample contains the first 5 books from the list of 150 books. The books gradually increase in difficulty as the levels increase. This is especially great if you like to visit the library often during the summer!
Next is a set of 50 half-pages in which students can color Fry’s first 50 sight words. A fun way to help learn those all-important sight words!

Use this interactive sticker book to help your Preschooler or Kindergartener keep track of the letters and numbers they know.

These Sky Color printables help with the skills of improvising and thinking outside the box. There are no wrong answers with these sheets. An example question is “what if you didn’t have green to color a tree. How might it look?”

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing summer!


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